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Internationale mobiliteitsoplossingen


Internationale mobiliteitsoplossingen

Met onze roots in Den Haag hebben we uitgebreide expertise opgebouwd in internationale en diplomatieke mobiliteitsservices. We schakelen hieronder over op het Engels, om direct onze internationale klanten aan te spreken.

Diplomatic / expatriated services

With more than 70 dealerships, we are one of the largest automotive dealerships in the Netherlands. In addition to regular business and private sales, we are specialized in diplomatic sales. Louwman Dealer Group is official dealer of the brands: Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki,  Peugeot, Mazda, smart and Mitsubishi.

Having our roots in The Hague, we have built up an extensive expertise in international and diplomatic mobility services. We can deliver every car tax free and with special conditions for you. Besides these financial benefits, we offer first class service to our international guests. Financing, leasing, damage repair, insurance, warranty, mobility services, we have everything in-house so we can provide you with complete, worry-free mobility. 

From the first contact to the delivery of your new car, you’ll have a personal adviser to guide you through the processes involved.

The process

We provide all the knowledge and contacts needed to ensure that the process is effortless for you. We will arrange everything: the trade in of your current car, the deduction of European Import Duties (if applicable), the request for the special registration, the certificate of conformity, the letter of intent for the insurance, et cetera.

Before you order your new car
When you first visit us, we configurate the car based on your wishes. There is always the possibility to test drive. We have demonstration cars available from every brand and model in our line up. After the configurating of your car and a test drive, we make a tax free quotation under the Diplomatic Sales conditions. If you want to trade in a car we appraise it and add it in the total offer. If we come to an agreement we order the car for you. At this moment we require you to confirm your eligibility for a tax free purchase, using your diplomatic passport.

Since we are one of the largest automotive groups in The Netherlands, chances are that we can deliver a car from our stock! We will always discuss this possibility with you during the process. If this is not wanted or possible, we order your new car at the factory and keep you informed during the lead time.

What happens after you order your car
As soon as your car is produced, we receive the vehicle identification number from the factory. After that we can provide you with the certificate of conformity and the RDW 137 form (request for the special registration). We technically prepare your new car when it arrives at our dealership. Besides that, we will also arrange the duty free delivery with the customs office (if applicable). We provide you with the complete set of documents to start the registration request, including the letter of intent for the insurance. When you, or your company, combine this with the D39 form from your side, it can be send to the registration office. You will receive the invoice to take care of the payment of the car.

When the registration papers are in we order and install the registration plates and plan the delivery of your new car!

More information?

Do you want more information or do you have a question? Don't hesitate, just contact us. We are happy to help!

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Louwman Dealerbedrijven

Louwman Dealerbedrijven

  • Louwman Dealerbedrijven behoort tot de top 5 automotive retail holdings in Nederland
  • Landelijk netwerk van 23 bedrijven
  • Onderdeel van de Louwman Group, een ondernemend en financieel sterk familiebedrijf
  • Met het 'Erkend Duurzaam' certificaat is Louwman een partner die maatschappelijk verantwoord onderneemt

Voordelen voor u

  • Eén vast aanspreekpunt
  • Specifieke (fiscale) kennis
  • Duidelijk advies over kostenbesparingen
  • Ondersteuning voor autoregelingen
  • Breed aanbod producten en diensten
  • Maatwerkoplossing voor elk bedrijf
  • Borging van de gemaakte afspraken in een samenwerkingsovereenkomst